Fluxus Arts Education Center

The gamelan set Panggiya Raras came to us in November 2011. It was built on the request of the dutch Fluxus arts education center Zaanstad for their school program Muziek maakt School (Music makes Cool). In this program, all children in the elementary schools (aged 4-12 year) of the neighborhood Poelenburg in Zaandam get music education through singing and playing various sorts of instruments. Every week, children between the ages of 7 to 11 have music lessons in violin, harp, guitar and gamelan a.o..

The gamelan is a great instrument for these youngsters since it’s possible to play different parts in different levels and the children have to listen very carefully to themselves and the others in the group. The soothing tones of the gamelan help them to focus and they absolutely love their gamelan lessons.

gamelam overz.
Picture taken by Hans van der Slikke, during the presentation of the gamelan set, December 2011.

YouTube channel of Music makes Cool:

Group 6 (aged 8/9) plays Witing Klapa:

Group 5 (aged 7/8) plays an improvisation about a giant:

Group 6 plays Ricik2 during the public presentation of the gamelan set, after just 6 half hour lessons:

Group 5 plays an improvisation for Mas Hirdjan:

componist / assistent artistiek leider Muziek maakt School

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