the Musician

Suhirdjan playing gender panerus and rebab, with Group Kesenian Bagong Kussudiardja on their tour to Europe in 1985.

Suhirdjan began playing gamelan in his youth and joined in playing for local dhalang in wayang kulit performances. He developed a unique style and commanding ability to play kendhang, and came to the attention of Ki Mujiono, then leader of the gamelan group of the Radio Republic Indonesia (RRI) Yogyakarta in 1978. In that year, Ki Mujiono invited him to join the RRI Yogyakarta gamelan, as well as Ngudiya Wirama, a group led by Ki Suhardi, also a musician at RRI. Suhirdjan was the kendhang player at RRI until the 1990s. He also played gamelan for Pusat Latihan Tari (P.L.T.) Bagong Kussudiardjo, and joined a tour with the performing group to Europe in 1985. He is known for his mastery of tempo, as demonstrated in his revival of the specific drumming part in the Gd. Jangkung Kuning Mataraman Pelog Pathet Barang, as well as his humorous innovations to the kendhang patterns in the comic interludes of Pangkur Jenggleng.


  • Lg. Satriya Bangsa Pl. Pt. Nem*
  • Lg. Yogyakarta Indah Pl. Pt. Nem*
  • Lg. Bangun Negara Sl. Pt. Sanga

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